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Our projects

Women Biz Talent

We empower the talent of our ambassadors and connect them with job opportunities.

Women Biz Incubator

We connect female entrepreneurs with learning and investment opportunities

Women Biz Events

We create events with the purpose of inspiring, educating, and connecting

Women Biz Academy

We provide education on web 3 from 0 through bootcamps and educational programs.

Our achivements

Community Members
IRL Events

Core Team

Briguit Reinaldo
Team Lead
Lilian Santos
Operations Lead
Allison Alvarez
Education Lead


Mireylla Salcedo

EIt's great to share with women who have the same goal: to fulfill their dreams. For me, Women Biz is community, learning, motivation, and above all, inspiration.

Rosa Valladares

I thank Women Biz for providing us with a showcase for entrepreneurship, encouraging those who have not had the opportunity to venture to dare to do so, giving us a space for networking, listening to and advising us; and finally for inspiring us to go further.

Judy Ramirez

I loved participating in the networking breakfast, it was a very enriching experience to meet women with different goals, dreams, but with a common purpose of actively contributing to achieving a better country every day

Upcoming event

Awards and  recognition

Regonition "Empowerment of women" by Democracia Digital
 "Ecovida TV" Interview


I Edition - January

Women Biz Breakfast: Networking, entrepreneurship and DAOs intro.

II Edition - March

Women Biz TEDX: Inspiring stories and entrepreneurship pitches

III Edition - May

Celebrating Mother's Day: Entrepreneurial women; mothers and their stories

IV Edition - June

Women Tec 3.0: Blockchain, DEFI, Crypto, Investment, NFTs y DAOs.

V Edition - July

Celebrating National Holidays: Finance, Marketing, LinkedIn, Panel: Web 3.0 Taboos

VI Edition - September

Celebrating women rights and Ethereum Day side event.

VII Edition - September

Road to Cusco:
Decentralizing Learning

VIII Edition - October

Fashion Women Biz: Learning, Metaverse, DAOs, Clothing Exchange, Eco Dance, and more

Special Edition

Celebrating  International Women's Day- Happy Hour & Networking.

IX Edition- November

 Web 3 Challenge:
Turn into an NFT.

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Questions & Answers

What is Women Biz?
We are a community created by women to empower more women through web 3.0

Do you charge any fee at Women Biz?

It doesn't cost anything, it's free! We invite you to join us and bring more women together.

What are the requirements to be part of Women Biz?None, it's an open community for women of all ages,  just your willingness to learn

How can I be part of Women Biz?
Simply apply in the Women Biz Talent section to be contacted by our team.

Connect with other professionals and entrepreneurs who never stop learning.
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